1. Anonymous said: What is your favourite season of Teen Wolf? Mine was season 2 as there was so much action/scares/mystery. Then I felt as if everything after season 2 is rushed and isn't as well thought out as season's 1 and 2. God I miss them so much.

    My favorite season is season 2 by a mile. That was some peak summer tv show that manages to elevate itself into something more type TV


  2. Anonymous said: Okay. So Jeff David constantly says they can't afford things/ special effects. Then he says all this stuff about not affording the actor who plays Mr Tate. Surely by NOT HIRING Dylan sprayberry (who should have been a main gay character), Shelley hennig and also thepoint that they wouldn't be PAYING CRYSTAL REED ANYMORE. surely the could have afforded this actor!

    Well in defense of Jeff Davis with regards to casting, sometimes actors do have different schedules or get more expensive. That’s a part of the business.

    My issue has been that these writers don’t realize that you can cover these issues with dialogue. They’ve had five million chances to clarify things like where Danny and Isaac are, Derek’s age and malias home life and yet they don’t


  3. Anonymous said: I don't think I've ever seen an author so happy with a show based on their book till Diana Gabaldon. Do you think it's because it's the first season and it's still new or has Ben really done the books justice?

    I’m glad the author is happy. The show is really good so that certainly can’t hurt.


  4. Anonymous said: Are you going to live tweet while you watch outlander? Your comments are always so funny :)

    When I get a chance to watch the ep tomorrow I’ll certainly tweet my thoughts. You’ll have to wait till like Saturday for the recap tho


  5. Anonymous said: I am really annoyed with this show. Why is Jeff making the only way for peter to become an alpha by killing Scott when he could easily just become an alpha by killing Satomi. If they kill peter off I'll be disappointed because they've been working towards him becoming evil. They can't finish his 4 season arc in 2 episodes. Also I feel like Jeff being gay means he should include more lgbt stuff. Its like he is obsessed with straight relationships.

    I definitely think the show has made it so Peter was evil from day 1 lol but I get your point.

    Honestly, I had TOTALLY forgotten about how Peter surely could kill any alpha to gain powers. I think with Scott tho, he thinks he’d be getting the powers of a true alpha and it’ll be symmetrical with him killing his first beta or some shit. My issue is that there are pieces missing from Peter’s storyline. Like every 4 episodes we sort of check in on him and he gets a remark, but I’d have loved to see some scenes with him plotting. Like is he meeting with other people or packs to put in a plan? How does one kill a true alpha? does he research?

    With regards to the last point, being of a certain group doesn’t necessarily mean you can write for that group…I mean think of all the black folks who don’t like Tyler Perry lol BUT I think he gets interested in the idea of relationships but sort of whiffs on the development like Stiles and Malia


  6. Anonymous said: I didn't care about Meredith when she died and I don't feel bad for her now. And I wasn't that sympathetic when Lydia was going off on her for two episodes. Idk maybe because she has "strong" features so I don't care much about her.

    I felt bad for her when Lydia went off on her but once we saw the whole deal I stopped feeling bad for her, cause she had way more to do with the evil plan than they tried to act like she did.


  7. Vacation is All I Ever Wanted

    Vacation is All I Ever Wanted

    I’ll be taking a relaxing vacay in Tahoe so there won’t be any posting till next Tuesday. Have a good Labor Day weekend!

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  8. lovemeorleavemebe said: The writers prolly think theyre gonna blow our minds with this episodes reveal when in reality they only got me more annoyed than i already am like no you CANT PULL THIS OFF STOP


    Right?  I bet it goes like this:

    Jeff:  OMG you guys!  I have this amazing idea.  Who saw the 1912 retrospective of Truffaut’s exploration through post-slave era modernism?  

    Writers: Uhh, we all did.  We definitely all did.

    Jeff: Great!  I love how we’re always on the same page!  Anyhow, I’m going to create an allegory wherein the werejaguar is the state of man and the kanima is ego.  So I need you to create a monster with silver teeth and a blue bonnet who can turn fire on with her mind!

    Writers: We totally understand what you mean and will do this thing immediately and with great quality.

    Jeff:  I knew I could count on you guys!  Man, whoever said you can’t get work done on crystal meth was soooo wrong!  Cut and print it boys!

    Who saw the 1912 retrospective of Truffaut’s exploration through post-slave era modernism?”


  9. ihniandern:

    Nice puns, Stiles …

    Sterek paper dolls, coffeeshop!AU

    (I did the superhero!AU, and today I needed a distraction from life in general so I made this. The dolls are created by the wonderful Reborn-GP)


    LMAO! this is great

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  10. 1926. If Harry Potter Was An Anime.




    I’ll always reblog it when I see it because this is the COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!

    Now do it as if it was a Shonen Anime! XD

    this is really cool!

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