Wednesday, July 23, 2014
More signings at comic con

More signings at comic con

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on TV actors and their carriers, especially the ones where the show lasts 6-10 seasons? Some go into movies but despite having a strong fan following many disappear. Dylan, Noel Fisher and Jeremy Allen White are all making movies while still part of a TV cast. Do you think Crystal Reed should have tried to juggle the two instead of quitting Teen Wolf?

I think that actors should be free to do whatever they want with their careers. Some people like Dylan love doing both movies and TV and some like Jared Padelicki from supernatural stick more to the TV side.

What I think you’re hitting on asking about crystal is cast members in shows set in high school. With crystal being nearly 30 she felt like she wanted a change in her career and playing Allison, awesome though that character was, was sort of keeping her back as an actor and so she left. This gets to the bigger issue of shows trying to keep kids in high school forever despite taking a year off each time. Actors long for new challenges and being in the same place ain’t a challenge and aging is real lol

But I think most young actors are fine with their shows running long because it’s a secure paycheck and allows them to maybe do more passion projects that fit their schedule (like the first time) rather than just jumping in right away

Anonymous said: Oh gosh have you seen the K Mart commercial where the boy becomes cool because his mom got free layaway on his school clothes?

LOL I haven’t seen in but it sounds wonderful


what do u mean this is not what happened



I swear, this gif was like made for this post.  (*≧▽≦)ノ


The Top 10 Performances of All Time: A Long List

Wonder what performances missed my Top 10 Performances of All Time list? Here’s the many I had to choose from


Have you all gone over to Awards Circuit and checked out the series we’re doing on the top 10 greatest performances of all time? If not, you should be as it’s fascinating look into the psyche of avid film fans. My list is was finally revealed yesterday, and I figured that I’d share with you all my long list of contenders. Trying to even get down to this list is one of the hardest things I’ve had…

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Richard Madden + Instagram

when did richard get Instagram and why am I just now finding out

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Anonymous said: this is random but how do you feel about back to school commercials? the only place people make a big entrance like that is in their own mind lol what they show in those commercials just don't happen in real life. if you try to sit with the popular crowd at lunch they will shade you till you can't show your face at school again. ain't no pair of shoes gonna change that lol

LOL you mean when you walked into your high school you didn’t do it wearing the freshest clothes, having the wind blow in your hair doing a slow mo walk?

Haha but I agree with your sentiments.

Demon Wolfcast Episode 35 “Collectively Gossiping Over a Good Episode”

Demon Wolfcast Episode 35 “Collectively Gossiping Over a Good Episode” #teenwolf

It’s so nice when we can come together and discuss a good episode of Teen Wolf like Micah and I did this week when we covered “I.E.D.” So lend your ears to an episode that finds us liking Malia (gasp!), raving/reveling in Derek’s story line and generally get back to being our slightly less shadeful selves. We also dip our toes into the pool that is the Collective and talk about what its like to…

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